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  • GoFundMe


    Empowering people to help people. www.gofundme.com

  • Joss Duggan

    Joss Duggan

  • Roy Osing

    Roy Osing

    Executive, Blogger, Speaker, Coach, Advisor, Author: BE DiFFERENT or be dead - Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Leadership.

  • Donald J. Robertson

    Donald J. Robertson

    Cognitive psychotherapist, author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor (2019), featured in Forge, The Guardian. https://read.macmillan.com/lp/verissimus/

  • George Gantz

    George Gantz

    Writer, philosopher, and creator of SpiralInquiry.org, an exploration of Science, Faith and Philosophy. Fellow of the RSA, Board Member of long Now Boston.

  • Mamta Narang

    Mamta Narang

    Love Watercolors, Food, Python, R and Words.

  • Vivek Vellore

    Vivek Vellore

    I write about life, the universe and everything in it. Presently doing a 52 week, 52 book challenge and writing about learnings along the way.

  • Curtis Yarvin

    Curtis Yarvin

    Student of history

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